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EDGE Counseling Solutions is pleased to offer individual therapy to help clients improve their quality of life and well-being. This type of service, also referred to as counseling, psychotherapy and talk therapy, is focused on helping clients work one-on-one with a therapist to set, work towards, and achieve their goals. Our licensed psychologists and counselors work with clients to give support, teach skills and practice strategies for coping with a range of situations, stressors and symptoms. We accept clients seeking help for anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use, problem behaviors (e.g., acting out, difficulties at school or work), life transitions (e.g., school, jobs, relationships), relationship concerns (e.g., partners, family, friends, colleagues) and other issues. EDGE accepts clients across the lifespan, ranging from young children and adolescents to adults and elderly clients.

Sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes; clients typically meet weekly with their therapist to start, moving to less frequent sessions as they and their therapist decide together what works best. Some clients only need a few sessions to cope with a short-term stressor, while other clients may meet with a therapist for months to receive the level of support that is needed. We aim to provide just as much support as is needed, and nothing more, in order to best fit clients’ needs and help them engage fully in their lives. Occasionally loved ones are involved in treatment (e.g., parents, partners), especially with younger clients, but the focus is on meeting individually with the therapist.

Different therapeutic styles are available at EDGE, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness- and acceptance-based therapy, process therapy, family systems therapy and supportive therapy. We will work to find the match that is the best fit for you so that you are able to feel comfortable and confident as you work with your therapist.