Innately Interwoven: Foundations of the Human-Animal Bond

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“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.”—Bern Williams   I will always remember bringing my puppy home for the first time. She was two months old, soft, warm, cuddly…and a lot of work!  After two long nights in which she woke me hourly with her little cries, I took [...]

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Preparing For College: Part One

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Before moving into full-time clinical work, I was a professor at Northern Illinois University in the Psychology Department. I really enjoyed teaching and mentoring, and at the same time, I realized how much I missed doing direct clinical work, which is why I moved into full-time clinical practice and was fortunate enough to join EDGE [...]

How NOT to Communicate With Your Partner

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Almost every couple that reaches out to me for help will say that they need help with “communication.” They understand that even though they are talking together or expressing themselves (often loudly), they aren’t really communicating. This breakdown in communication stems from couples employing inappropriate strategies to resolve their conflicts. This often plays out in [...]

Mindfulness In Practice: Part Three

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Becoming more regularly aware of your current thoughts, feelings and physical sensations is another way to continue your mindfulness practice. While this intention seems relatively simple, it can be challenging to enact. Taking a moment to pay attention to yourself and what is happening around you is not the default mode for many, as [...]