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What is the EDGE advantage?


EDGE Counseling Solutions was founded in 2015 with the objective of delivering the highest quality counseling and psychological services to clients.  An integral aspect of our philosophy is the understanding that the quality of these services begins with the clinicians meeting with our clients, but it extends far beyond this.  From our approach to clinical services to the experience that you will have in working with us, EDGE Counseling Solutions was designed with your needs in mind.


Our approach to counseling and psychological services is based upon established principles of what makes psychotherapy effective.  With EDGE as the provider of these services, you can expect:

  • Expertise of Clinicians and Staff

Every member of the EDGE Counseling Solutions clinical team is licensed by the State of Illinois to practice at the independent level, and possesses years of specialized training and experience in providing clinical services.  Furthermore, EDGE views clinical practice as an ongoing experience of learning and development, so our clinical team members regularly engage in professional development activities designed to consistently improve their level of expertise.  The result is a team of professionals ensuring you receive the most ethical, innovative, and effective treatment.

  • A Team Approach to Care

The EDGE clinical team consists of psychologists, counselors and social workers, each of which has developed expertise based upon their past training and experiences.  To provide the best opportunity for you to meet your goals, our clinicians regularly collaborate with one another to draw upon the breadth of expertise within the team.  Blending the skills of our individual therapists allows your clinician to deliver unsurpassed care and the best outcomes through the dedication of every team member.

  • Exceptional Client Services

The expertise of our staff is not limited to the clinical team.  Our administrative and support team of professionals are experts with years of successful experience in their roles, dedicated to ensuring that your experience with essentials such as managing appointments, billing, and insurance are seamless.  Our professional staff will consistently focus on your needs, giving you the opportunity to focus only on meeting your goals and leave the details to us.

EDGE Counseling Solutions delivers comprehensive counseling and psychological services to individuals and families in Libertyville, IL; Buffalo Grove, IL; and Chicago, IL. We provide the highest level of the Chicago and suburban areas.  We strive to inspire hope and nurture the well-being of the individual in a comfortable, safe and private environment.